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Nica Address: Condega, Esteli. Comunidad San Diego, KM 192.5 Carretera Yali

US Address: PO Box 1 Chalmette, LA 70044

Organic & Sustainable

A few words on the term "Organic".  You may not know this but USDA Organic certififcations actually do allow for the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers at certain periods of plant growth and development.  The cost for certification is in the thousands of dollars and it simply adds costs on the back end that go to the consumer.   We are a very small farm, all varities are micro-lots and this makes the additional costs of Organic Certificaiton impractical.  Our farming practices exceed all USDA and EU organic requirments.  We NEVER use pesticides or artifical chemicals for fertilizers.  This makes farming a challange.  Instead we work with the natural biome in our forrest and reinforce the micro organisms in the soil to allow for the healthiest plant possible.  Healthy plants and healthy soil are more able to fight disease and stay producing over a longer life span.  We use a variety of natural fertilizers ranging from discarded coffee cherry pulp, to special concoctions using menuer molases and other natural material to feed our plants.  We fight bugs with neem seed oil, and other organic matter to deter the pests that want to bother our coffee plants.  By nature we are fair-trade and pay our farm-hands and harvesters the highest salaries in the area.  We re-forrest, replant and take care of our land.  We are bird and animal freindly and host a variety or fauna on our farm.

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