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About Us


Our Coffee

NICANOLA is passionate about coffee and our mission is to bring the finest freshest organic coffees to our trade partners. Our coffee is harvested from one of two areas. Finca Las Dos Marias is our personal farm spread out over two areas, the coffee farm situated in rich temperate forests of high elevation and our lower farm settled in the foothills of the same mountains. We have a diverse production for local markets consisting of organic limes, avocados, dragon fruit, papayas, oranges, beans, corn, and squash among other local cultivars. We also offer high quality fine cocoa for export. All organic and fair trade.


About Founder

I am Cuban-American, grew up in Miami, and moved to New Orleans in 1997, which has a big coffee culture. At a friend's suggestion I was told to visit Nicaragua (I leave for mardi gras every year) where I instantly fell in love with the simple laid back agrarian lifestyle and diverse habitats.


Coffee had always been of interest to me and I knew I wanted to grow my own coffee, even if for a hobby,  so starting from scratch I set out to do just that.  It took a lot of reading, trial and error and good advice from my neighbors.


Our History

From the earliest days of our country New Orleans has been a primary port for trade connecting the early americas to all of central and south america. Coffee imports to New Orleans from Central America date back to the early 1700’s and since then New Orleans has established its own coffee culture – which is stronger today than ever before. The 300 year history of the New Orleans coffee trade has morphed into its own coffee culture which today hosts the widest scale of green coffee trading and roasting in the country.

  • According to the Port of New Orleans, the city has “14 warehouses, more than 5.5 million square feet of storage space and six roasting facilities within a 20-mile radius.”

  • Approximately 30% of all coffee imported into the United States comes through New Orleans.


Ranging from the largest of all roasters in United States (Folgers) to one of the dozen micro-roasters. We are happy to be part of New Orleans coffee culture and offer better opportunities for direct trade relationships allowing your coffee to be as fresh as possible.

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