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Nicaraguan Coffee

We handle every step of the process to ensure you’re getting the best quality coffee.


Taste the Quality

Our coffee is cultivated in the Canta Gallo mountains of Northern Esteli, in some of the most fertile forests of northern Nicaragua. The soil, rich in nutrients and compost provides optimal conditions for our coffee plants. All of our coffee is high elevation shade grown. At 1350 meters above sea level, the fruit develops slower – allowing for the full flavor of the bean to be expressed. Our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that you get the best cup of coffee, every time.


Our Process

”From seed to cup” is our motto. Starting in our plant nurseries we care for the plants every step of the way – ensuring ecologically conscious practices. Our plants are never treated with chemicals or chemical fertilizers. Our coffee is micro-lot and shade dried providing traceability and full development of flavor profiles. For direct trade customers we can provide specific fermentations to meet your requests.


We are committed to using the best growing practices, ensuring that our coffee is sustainably and ethically sourced. 


Our Varieties

Through much trial and error, we work with established varieties suited to our soil and elevation. All of our coffees offer extensive flavor profiles rich in fruity notes and sweetness. Being a micro lot farmer, we are able to care for our coffee with specialized attention. We foster direct trade environments to offer the roaster exactly what they are looking for.


Through our Canta Gallo cooperative we also work with neighbors to sustainably source larger lots of coffee for container load orders. All of the Coop coffees are bought as ripe cherries and continue the rest of the process in house to ensure the highest quality.


About Nicanola

Established in 2015, Nicanola Coffee has played an important role in the coffee and cacao farm-to-import movement to the United States. We encourage direct trade opportunities. 

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